Dexter Cattle For Sale

For Dexter Cattle Sales enquiries, please contact:

Gregory Cromwell
Cromwell Farms
[email protected]

1 x bull “chip”
15 Heifers (all breeding stock and >3 years old )
3 (6month -year old) heifers
4 calfs – 3 male and 1 female (under 3 months)

Over the past 12 months, we have moved 16 heifers and steers from our farm in Goonengerry. These were bred from our Dexter bull (who we bred) and Dexter heifers.

ages ranging from 8 months to 2 years.

We have recently purchased 2 Angus cross heifers

4 dexter heifers and 1 steer

I dexter calf

28 Dexter Cows (from Cromwell Farms breeding stock)

1 x 2.5-year-old Dexter Steer

9 Angus cross dexter heifers 14 months old. The Angus bull is from a local Angus stud Breeder in Coopers Shoot – Barry

18 x Angus Cross calves 5-7 months old (haven’t counted sex yet)- Angus bull is from local cattle breeder Mathew Irwin

I have chosen the Angus breed to give my cattle better hybrid vigour and size. I use a small frame bull who has low birth weights and good marbling scores to compliment the spider like marbling you get in a dexter. This combination has meant I can produce a dressed carcase size of around 140 – 160 after only 12 months that has superior tenderness and flavour to the ‘regulars’ of the beef industry

Previous Dexter Cattle Sales

Dexter Cattle For Sale – Margrita Dexter Stud

Lamrockvale Wascal

Price: $1100.00

Lamrockvale, Wascal

Sire: Lamrockvale Beau. Herd No: 82361  Dam: Lamrockvale Seek. Herd No: 47117

Sex:  Male, Black Purebred Bull

Date of Birth:  13-11-2013

Registered Herd No: 82647   

  Breeder Tattoo:  KLM

  Animal Tattoo:  M208


DNA Case No:  655137 MiP & SNP.

Breeder:  Maureen Sellars.

Current Owner:  Maureen Sellars

For any further information on this bull, you may contact by email through this page, or contact Maureen at

 Email: [email protected]

 Mobile: 0429 179 145

 Phone: 07 5447 0778

Lamrockvale Shaggy

Price: $1100.00


Shaggy was born 2nd of August, 2018. Herd Number 82724. He is now a beautiful black dehorned 28-month-old old ready for work and a new home.

His Dam Lamrockvale Henty Herd No. 47407 is an outstanding female. She won several Champion Female awards during her time in the show ring.

Shaggy’s Sire is Lamrockvale Clancy. Herd No. 82587. Shaggy is a very exciting and well-developed fellow.

He Tested Free To PHA

With Henty’s exceptional udder and Clancy’s great body length, Shaggy will put exceptional calves on the ground.

Please contact Maureen for more information or arrange to meet this boy in his home environment, by contacting Maureen on the below contact details.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile:    0429 179 146

Phone:    07 5447 0778

Due to the awful drought conditions, we have decided to sell all our 2013 heifers for a minimal amount. At present they are being hard feed in yards so if you can feed and want young, quiet Dexter Heifers, give us a call, and arrange to come and meet our little girls.

Both Connies Casadeana, and Wyoming’s Tabitha are registered.

There are 12 other purebred heifers ranging from 13 down to 10 months of age.

All are eligible for registration. Either the dams or the great dams have been milked.