About Us

Terry and Judith Hill have been breeding Dexter Cattle since 1999.

Our first Dexter heifer was, Lyndondale Bookham Hope, and we called our property ‘The Home of Hope’. Then we had to think of a stud name! After using both of our mothers’ names Margaret and Rita our stud had a name – ‘Margrita’.

When purchasing our Dexter cattle we took into account that I (Judith) came from a very long line of Dairy Farmers and Terry had worked with many larger breeds of cattle as a young man. We had grandchildren who wanted to learn and participate in farming and for many reasons, Dexter Cattle appealed to us and we knew they would work in our family.

With their naturally quiet temperament and easy handling both the grandchildren and we could handle these lovely small cows with ease.

We could supply our family with healthy meat and milk, and make our own dairy product from the Dexter milk rich in butterfat for excellent cheese and ice cream.